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Technical characteristics:

Assistance.Net is built on a powerful and innovative development platform (Task Builder Net Framework), specially made for the creation of management applications. The platform consists of a set of specialized objects and integrated together to provide specific services to the application.As regards the implementation of frame-work have been used in some of the best environments and development languages on the market: Microsoft Visual C + + / MFC, and this basic tool offers significant potential, performance and stability.
Even applications created with these tools inherit accordingly reliability and convenience of data management.


The system will allow you to quickly and intuitively perform complex search operations. You can create, save and recall at any time a list of queries on all tables.
  • Thanks to a powerful radar, you can also view data, search, law, custom and exports, global and partial, in the office world.
  • Thanks to the presence of the hotlink, you do research, but also enter and view the related fields (foreign keys): these tools to retrieve tables linked through the Hyperlink functionality.


The potential of the program:

Assistance.Net has Woorm, an innovative report generator crucial for the development of reports, lists, schedules, statistics and selected table of the application. You can navigate and access the entry forms to simplify and speed up searching data.
The data of one or more tables can be exported or imported text files through an intuitive system.
From the point of view related to the tangle, the environment is customizable, since it has a powerful system of data formatting: you can change properties, styles and characters of the various fields according to your needs alone.

Assistance.Net also has a system for consulting report via the Internet, and is ready to be set up with a system of access profile.
By then the technology web services and XML, you can share your data with the outside world. Infact, the data can be viewed and managed in multiple languages with a simple setup of the system.

Last but not least, you can create localized modules for managing data and procedures that require contextualization application (for example, accounts of different countries).