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Collaborators Management Module

collaborators management module


The employees working in asset management are represented by both employees / technicians from both parties outside the company running operations for maintenance / support. Private data for you to enter data and then obtain statistics on the profitability of their activities, you'll also available reports to monitor each resource.


The functionality of the module are:

  • master data management;
  • can enter both classical data (such as name, surname ,..), the type of job, the hourly cost, revenue hours, the deposit (to assign then store technicians) and the area;
  • possibility of integration certification, absences (which is both an important statistical point is to avoid the certainty of assigning work to technicians who are not there) and various specializations in order to know immediately which resource could be better prepared to make a particular intervention.

Moreover, according to the above, you can have different types of reports:

  • list employee absences;
  • list certification deadline.

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