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Hours Management Module

hours module management


Assistance.Net is also thought you for help with the management of the mountain-hours in the terms of the contract for each service provided; you can specify the number of hours for activities in the period of consumption reference.

The management module hours is useful for all companies that offer a service maintenance contract or service hours to be divided over a period of time, which means that if a business case for maintenance of servers has a contract in place with a client, may provide an approximate number of 12 hours of annual support for a particular service, by providing for monthly consumption and is thus making an hour of intervention per month. The monthly hours worked over this limit will be billed and managed separately from the company that provides the service.

The main advantages offered by Assistance.Net for the management of the mountain-hours become evident during recording operations. By specifying the contract number and the code of service provided in the intervention yields:

  • automatic update of the number of hours remaining in the mountain-hours;
  • control and storage of any extra hours during the period of consumption.

Besides all this, the form of integrated billing allows you to view and to account for overtime paid during the period of consumption, and finally, you can review reports on clients for a more thorough assessment when renewing the contract (eg if the customer has received a significant number of extra hours, may result in a contract with more hours of support or maintenance).

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