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Integrated Billing Management Module

integrated billing



Assistance.Net has an integrated billing module, which has different features and it will give you the opportunity to manage every aspect of accounting according to your specific needs regarding, summarizing in a single control panel all the information required in client invoices. The invoices will then be recorded in the form of Mago.Net Sales, feeding the first note, the VAT register and the schedule of customers. This dashboard converging all activities of management and you will also have a global vision for every aspect of the billing system.




With this module you can:

  • extract data from bill by a certain date set as required (eg, asking the system what are the bills due on 31.03.2015);
  • add filters as you need (eg filter the information to be charged under a single customer in the database);
  • choose the data to be charged (eg only contracts, or only intervention, or only fixed costs ,...);
  • display summary boxes and filterable (I can choose one, or more than one to suit your needs), each containing amounts to be invoiced related to: contracts, operations, fixed costs, spare parts and prepaid packages;
  • have a detailed view of the boxes or general items mentioned above (which you can select or not);
  • decide which mode billing information you've previously selected for the billing, issue or accounting;
  • feed sales in the form of managerial wizard with automatic generation of the first note and generation of the batches;
  • NEWS: automated billing process in a series of previously extracted DDT for a total centralized billing.

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