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Purchasing documents Management Module

purchasing documents management module


In Assistance.Net you can also find the form for the management of purchasing documents such as bills and notes, this part of the application interacts with the management Mago.Net to provide a more comprehensive functional and greater certainty of professional efficiency. This part of the program, you can:

  • indicate that registration numbers will feed into the warehouse, thus integrating the registry freshmen on bills of lading;
  • provide invoices for the purchase of a link to the files of the final maintenance vehicles.

In this module you will also find: bills of lading, invoices and deposit, purchase invoices, returned to the supplier, credit notes and debit notes received received.

The module for the management of documents in relation to that acquisition works on his purchases of Mago.Net, which manages and controls the incoming goods and invoices passive. In particular, this module organizes the issuance of all purchasing documents, and bills of lading, invoices, credit notes received and allows for quality inspection of goods received in accordance with the requirements.

  • Purchase Document: you can register all common purchasing documents, you'll have all the characteristic data (collected by the city council of the supplier), after saving the document will be possible to purchase various transactions (issuance, accounting, recording game , ..) and purchasing documents may be registered in a different currency from the company used, and finally, you can define a priori which perform operations while saving the document. 
  • Bills and VAT records: entering a new document, the number of VAT register or bill is automatically proposed in addition based on any type of registry, you can manage multiple sectional (each of which may have a serial number). The numbering bills provide progressive tax on the movement of stock. In Mago.Net finally able to create and use all necessary bills, but also include new ones.
  • Prices and discounts policy: with this sub-module you can implement a policy of applying prices truly flexible, and you can also attach prices to the supplier or article or both, to manage the base price, the average purchase price or cost standards, and you can also tell the program how to propose priority values according to business needs. 
  • Importing files: to have a quick and easy insertion of documents, you can import files containing part numbers or barcodes article, you can also import quantities, relative prices and discounts, codes of lots (if managed) and files of notes.
  • Commodity prices compliance and congruence: Mago.Net enables you to report the bubble load your shipment complies with the requirements and only if so, the system generates the corresponding movement of stock (or activates the procedure rendered, refusal or waste), once inserted into the bill, having attracted orders or bubbles, you can verify that the economic and trade conditions by the supplier. Regarding the balance of payments in case of exceptions, Mago.Net will allow you to stop payment of the document, all payments stop or block the supplier to use it on more.
  • Charges: you can allocate the additional cost (costs of packaging, shipping costs, insurance costs, ..) on goods purchased, and when you save an invoice will be generated automatically in the document charges, recording this document, you can increase the value of items with the value of the burden.
  • Statistics of Purchase: Mago.Net allows you to have different lists to analyze, control and monitor all aspects of the management cycle related purchases. You can check the status of deliveries, the value of goods purchased (through brochures from vendor to purchase per year or a story / period, also is expected inclusion nell'anagrafica supplier of budget revenues.
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