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Ticket, calls, interventions management

ticket calls interventions management


A truly effective and efficient module that you can find in Assistance.Net to manage the ticket (or calls) and interventions for your technicians, you'll have an effective tool to record calls and requests of your customers and to be able to organize complete all stages of assignment. It is the central module for everything related to the operation of your business. The ticket consists of a head part, which summarizes the significant customer demand, and a series of cards showing the detailed information of the interventions. For every ticket you can associate an infinite number of interventions on different machines with different people in different days. You will plan and monitor operations and optimize staff management with the help of interactive graphic planning and dispatching calls.

Functionalities of this module are:

  • classification of the ticket in accordance with criteria established by the user;
  • ability to select the customer with the relevant contract;
  • reason for the request;
  • snap-through fast machine serial claimed;
  • for every ticket you can assign a potentially infinite number of interventions;
  • every action has its own specific features (you can enter data for technical, state intervention, the activity being conducted at the time, cost);
  • for each intervention is possible to establish fixed costs and spare parts;
  • for each intervention is also possible to determine what is billable and what is not;
  • there is a form to list the amounts and duration of the ticket;
  • you can have calculations on the profitability of your operations and technical, for always having a complete picture of the business efficiency;
  • you can attach documents (such as scanning documents relate to each intervention or technical assistance);
  • you have available reports related calls and measures;
  • call management module uses the ladder and intervention prices and discounts Mago.Net to calculate the cost of the intervention.

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