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Statistics management

statistics and report


Assistance.Net can provide complete systems for the analysis and the development of interventions and activities. With your data, you can 'study' and try to optimize the amount and quality of all ticket. In this way, the system allows you to have a global vision on the economics of your business, from the commitment of each resource used.


Thus Assistance.Net offers a number of different and valid monitoring documents such as:

  • profitability of interventions: interventions to examine and analyze the profitability. Interventions can be extracted by different filters (the period of implementation, code reviews, code assistant, etc..);
  • analysis of monthly hours of work: to analyze the workload of each employee and see the progress of activities during the year; hours per year analysis and comparison interventions;
  • analysis for contract work hours;
  • list hours / technical / customer / period: to examine in detail the operations associated with a particular technical (including those booked or canceled) in relation to the contract and the customer code.
A complete change to the organization will ensure efficiency and satisfaction for your customers.

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